Our Team

  • Sarah Sitorus
    Corporate Tax Accounting Finance
  • Tyfun Rizkidina
    Corporate Legal
  • Dessy Yulianti
    Business Development & Marketing
Sarah Sitorus
Corporate Tax Accounting Finance

“ Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah Sitorus

I joined 13 Nov 2012, so this is already 7 years 5 months, my responsibility is Finance & Accounting in Corporate Division of MCLEI

When I joined MCLEI I feels like my second home, the beginning of MCLEI established management would like all employee work with family environment. Togetherness and good cooperation of each other are most important thing in this company. That is the reason I’m still staying in this company. And I always got challenged to improve/develop myself in daily works and projects. This is very good for my skill improvements. So, company would like to encourage their employee to grow and grow every day.

The challenge that I got from MCLEI is currently I work in 2 area, MCLEI head quarter in Senayan and in MC Delica (one of JV Member) in East Jakarta. I learn how to manage time so that all work can be complete properly and on time.

My memorable experience is annual company picnic makes us relax and get to know each other outside our professional work

Good company with good environment and interesting business activities

I wish MCLEI will keep their good ambience work that is family work environment

Seek new family in your professional work is important to support your job “

Tyfun Rizkidina
Corporate Legal

“ Halo Everyone! My name is Tyfun Rizkidina Prasthika, Iam usually called as Tyfun, I am coming from Legal group of Corporate Division which handle and support any legal matters of MCLEI

I have been working in MCLEI for 5 years and I am responsible to handle Legal matters of MCLEI including to assist in some JV company projects

Working in MCLEI you have to challenge yourself to be always ready to deal with various new projects and business models. You gain many experiences to understand many legal aspects not only from one business sector, but also the whole business chain from upstream (manufacture) to downstream (retail).

I’d personally say that memorable experience was long hours meeting with MC Legal Counsel and Lawyer to finalize 1 project, although such project needs to be delayed, but the process in handling a project is valuable and memorable experiences.

MCLEI is unique business model when all the employees are well trained to be ready in facing various business model and projects.

Last but not least, I would like to wish MCLEI can be more success and expanding their business in managing the affiliated companies and keep maintaining their legal businesses in wholesales activity and management consultancy business.

Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds -George Eliot-

Dessy Yulianti
Business Development & Marketing

“ Hello everyone, my name is Dessy. I love to travel, to see what’s going on in the other side of the world, while indulge their culture, I like to eat like locals and enjoy the sceneries. But what I love the most is to dive. Going deep down into the sea, and swimming with the fish and other creatures, seeing the beautiful and colour corals is somewhat calming and soothing!

I joined MCLEI since August 2016 and was given the responsibility to assist one of MCLEI’s Joint Venture company in beverage industry, especially the tea category, named PT Ichi Tan Indonesia. I was assigned for secondment in ITI for a total period of 2 years (July 2017 – July 2019).
For those of you who have never worked for a Japanese company/working environment, which I was, this might be a life changer. You are challenged with your punctuality and to keep your voices to a minimum level. On the other hand, I find MCLEI a quite worthy place for you to stretch yourself to the fullest. Once you are willing to dive in, you may experience a few or more business model of each JV, which very diverse in category.

I’d personally say that the annual company outing will be one of the memorable experience for myself, as everyone in the company, from staff level up to President Director are all gathered and blend in through the informal activities. This has definitely strengthen the bond between employees.
None in my family knew about MCLEI, they usually correlate Mitsubishi with Mitsubishi Motors. They are in awe when they found out that the company I work for has so many JVs, namely Uniqlo, Kewpie, Ichitan, among many others.

I would like to thank MCLEI for the opportunity that has been given to me so far. I wish MCLEI grow bigger and have many more exciting JVs/projects to come.